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Expert Team Glaucoma

  • Prof  Jiang Qin

    Prof Jiang Qin

    President, Doctor, Professor, Chief Physician, Doctoral Supervisor

    Member of Jiangsu Political Consultative Conference; Standing Committee Member of Ophthalmologist Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association; Standing Committee Member of Ophthalmology Committee of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine; Committee Member of Blindness Prevention Group of Ophthalmology Branch of Chinese Medical Association; Co...

  • Prof Cao Guofan

    Prof Cao Guofan

    Deputy director of the hospital, MD, associate professor, chief physician, postgraduate tutor.

    The Standing Committee of Jiangsu society of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine

  • Associate professor Wang Xin

    Associate professor Wang Xin'e

    Chief Physician; Associate Professor

    Member of Ophthalmology Branch of Jiangsu Association of Integrative Medicine

  • Associate professor  Tang Chongkai

    Associate professor Tang Chongkai

    Chief Physician; Associate Professor

    Glaucoma,Pediatric Ophthalmology

  • Dr Shi Yao

    Dr Shi Yao

    Associate Chief Physician

    Member of Jiangsu Ophthalmology Branch of Chinese Medical Association; Member of Ocular Fundus Disease Group of Jiangsu Medical Association

  • Dr Yin Cuiyun

    Dr Yin Cuiyun

    Associate Chief Physician

    Director of Maanshan Branch of Chinese Medical Association; Vice Group Leader of Ophthalmology Group of Chinese Medical Association; Member of Forensic Appraising Committee of Maanshan; Member of Disability Appraising Committee of Maanshan; Member of Malpractice Appraising Committee of Maanshan

  • Prof Yang Weihua

    Prof Yang Weihua

    Doctor ,chief physician ,Master Supervisor ,Associate Professor director of big data laboratory vice president of optometry Research Institute

    Deputy leader and Secretary General of the national intelligent Ophthalmology Group, vice chairman of the glasses quality inspection and optometry Professional Committee of China Association for quality inspection, chairman of the ophthalmology Professional Committee of Provincial Association, vice chairman and Secretary General of the intelligent ...

  • Dr Hou Zejiang

    Dr Hou Zejiang

    Deputy Chief Physician

    Cataract, fundus diseases and excimer laser correction of ametropia.


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